A photo shoot in Fowey – with help from the builders!

January photo shoots are always a challenge and this January has been more challenging than most! The weather forecast for Thursday has some semblance of sunshine in between down pours so I decide to make a go of it and head up to Fowey to take the photographs of Panacea – a stunning new sleep 6 right in the town. Fowey is one of my favourite coastal towns; it reminds me of childhood holidays in Salcombe; they are remarkably similar in my opinion but I dare say that will upset the locals!

In order to drop my props off at Panacea I have to drive right through the town. The lanes are quite narrow and there is always a van parked in the way trying to unload something – it is not for the faint hearted and I notice one large people carrier trying to make a U turn in a very tight spot – poor things. There are car parks at either end of the town and there is a reason why you should follow the signs to them – although it is a little walk from the northern end and down a number of steps from the southern end it really is worth it.

As I make my way up the steps to the house I can hear some enthusiastic signing along to Pirate FM; the local radio station of choice and low and behold there are builders right outside the house re-laying the patio. This is not what I need for a photo shoot. ‘Don’t worry about us love – just shout and we will duck when you want to take the view’… So that is what we do – not the standard procedure for Fabulous Stays but effective none the less.

Lunchtime calls and it’s my excuse to wander back into town to find a sandwich and a coffee. The main street which runs parallel to the river is lined with some really lovely shops, cafes, galleries and restaurants and I have to take a sneaky peek in a one or two (well there is a sale on in Joules). This is a great town for birthday buys or Christmas shopping with fabulous galleries, jewellery and one off homeware stores. In fact some friends of mine, visiting from Guernsey spent a small fortune on art on their recent visit so beware!

Although it is January there is still a quiet buzz about the town with everything open for business. Somehow Fowey retains an air of sophisticated calm compared to some other towns I could mention – it must be the yacht set influence I reckon and Fowey is sailing central. As ever Cornwall is all about food and Fowey is no exception. I love the fact that there are little Cornish bakeries that have been here for years and years alongside swanky new fine dining restaurants – there really is something for everyone. No time to stop for long today though and it is back to the house to finish the photos before the light fades. Looking out of the bedroom window I can see the little ferry chug back and forth across to Bodinnick and some intrepid kayakers paddling past – rather them than me at this time of year!


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